Zephyr Dynasty Financial Layout

Zephyr Dynasty Financial Layout

What follows is a description of the various sources of the Zephyr Dynasty’s Profit Factor

Investment Portfolio with House Krin

When the Dynasty was created, the stored away loot of the old Zephyr Clan was invested in various Calixis Sector merchant houses. These investments are handled by House Krin brokers who by contract are allowed a slice of the profits from these investments for their expertise on finances in general and their knowledge of the Calixis Sector economy

Leased Rak’gol Voidship with the Footfall Thulians

The Zephyr Dynasty captured an mostly-intact Rak’gol Butcher class transport and is leasing it to the Footfall Thulians in exchange for a cut of the profits that they make from researching it. Primarily, the Thulians make money off the understanding they gain of Rak’gol technology by hiring out “xenotechological advisors” to those wealthy patrons who suspect conflict with the Rak’gol.

New France Colony

The New France Colony is a thriving frontier world owned wholly by the Dynasty with a small Mechanicus Forge that produces primarily Archeotect Ghostlases. Via a hired Chartist ship, these weapons are sold in the markets of Footfall and Port Wander.

Recovered STC Diagrams

The STC diagrams recovered from Versailles were old the Footfall Thulians and other mechanicus groups, in exchange for a cut of their profits.

Lucin’s Breath

Through a number of discrete shell firms, the Zephyr Dynasty owns a 1/20 slice of the Lucin’s Breath Nephium operations, the remainder is owned by Calligos Winterscale.

Nanotech Shipyard

The Zephyr Dynasty acquired a nanotechnological shipyard from the xeno Askani race that can repair or produce ships or ship components in a fraction of the time required by conventional methods. They lease this shipyard to the Footfall Thulians for a cut of the profits made by its use.


After securing the current Planetary Governor’s seat, the Zephyr Dynasty was granted partial ownership of a wide swath of the hive world’s firms.


The Zephyr Dynasty has invested greatly in this world’s economy following its induction into the Imperium.

Zephyr Dynasty Financial Layout

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