Zephyr Armsmen

Zephyr Armsmen

These armsmen are the typical minions of the Zephyr Dynasty, and at current most are former pirates or other frontier criminals.

Below are their stats. Note: Unless noted otherwise, the following are assumed to be proficient with their assigned equipment.

Additional Note: At current, Sword of Tallarn Armsmen stats are also representative of Emperor’s Mercy Armsmen

Dragon Song Armsmen

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
40 35 40 35 45 40 40 40 45

Speed: 4/8/12/24 4m/80cm
Wounds: 11
Skills: Common Lore (Koronus Expanse), Dodge, Drive (Walker), Psyniscience
Special Abilities: Street Knowledge
Talents: Peer (Void Born), Polyglot, Rival (Inquisition)
Armor: Good Quality Pressure Carapace, Heraldic Tabard, Suppression Shield (6 Head, Right Arm, Legs, 10(11) Body, Left Arm)
Archeotech Ghostlas Rifle (Basic, 150m, S/3/-, 1d10 E, Pen 0, Clip 30, Reload Full, Reliable, Ghostlas)
Poor Civilian Firearm (Basic, 60m, S/2/-, 1d10+3 I, Pen 0, Clip 6, Reload Full, Unreliable)
Thunder Hammer (Melee, 2d10+12 E, Pen 10, Power Field, Unwieldy, Shocking)
Good Suppression Shield (Melee, 1d10+3 E, Pen 0, Defensive, Recharge, Shocking)
Storm Bolter (Basic, 90m, S/2/4, 1d10+5 X, Pen 4, Clip 60, Rld Full, Storm, Tearing)
Gear: Backpack, Voidsuit, Glow-Globe, Chrono, Manacles, Blast Goggles
Vehicles: Sentinel Walker (Walker, Tact Spd 8m, Cruise Spd 45kph, Man + 10 Integ 16, Hulking, Front 20, Side 20, Rear 20, Crew: Driver, Carrying Capacity: None, Open-Topped, Weapons: Multi-laser (Front, 250m, //10, 3d10+3 E, Pen 4, Clip 100, Reload 3 Full) or Autocannon (Front, 300m, S/2/5, 4d10+5 I, Pen 4, Clip 60, Reload 2 Full))

Sword of Tallarn Armsmen

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
35 35 40 35 35 30 35 35 35

Speed: 3/6/9/18 4m/80cm
Wounds: 13
Skills: Dodge, Survival, Wrangling
Special Abilities: Leery of Outsiders, Tenacious Survivalist
Talents: Jaded
Armor: Heraldic Tabard, Guard Flak, Combat Shield (4 Head, Right Arm, Legs, 7 Body, Left Arm)
Lasgun (Basic, 100m, S/3/-, 1d10+3 E, Pen 0, Clip 60, Reload Full, Reliable)
Chainaxe (Melee, 1d10+8 R, Pen 2, Tearing)
Gear: Backpack, Voidsuit, Glow-Globe, Chrono, Manacles

Tuskbreaker Kindred Mercenaries

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
42 33 845 50 44 25 844 30 18

Speed: 4/8/12/24 8m/160cm
Wounds: 12
Skills: Acrobatics, Awareness, Barter, Climb + 10, Concealment + 20, Dodge + 10, Silent Move + 20, Speak Language (Low Gothic), Speak Language (Kroot), Tracking + 10, Survival + 20
Special Abilities: Greenskin Hybrid
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (SP, Primitive), Furious Attack, Leap Up, Lightning Reflexes, Melee Weapon Training (Primitive), Resistance (Fear), Sprint, Swift Attack
Traits: Unnatural Perception x2, Unnatural Strength x2
Armor: Ophilian Light Power Armor (7 All)
Kroot Rifle, Ranged (Basic, 110m, S/-/-, 1d10+5 E, Pen 1, Clip 6, Reload 2 Full)
Kroot Rifle, Melee (Melee, 1d10+8 R, Pen 0, Balanced)
Ophilian Autogun (Basic, 90m, S/3/10, 1d10+3 I, Pen 2, Clip 30, Reload Full)
Burning Blade (Melee, 1d10+13 E, Pen 4, Power Field, Balanced)

Goff Ork Freebooters

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
55 30 63 1055 40 36 40 38 32

Speed: 4/8/12/24 6m/120cm
Wounds: 18
Skills: Awareness, Barter, Common Lore (Orks), Intimidate, Pilot (Flyer), Speak Language (Low Gothic), Speak Language (Ork)
Special Abilities: Goff Clan, Driva
Talents: Xenos Weapon Training (Ork), Bulging Biceps, Crushing Blow, Furious Assault, Resistance (Cold, Heat, Radiation), Hardy, Iron Jaw, Melee (Chain, Primitive, Power), True Grit
Traits: Brutal Charge, Mob Rule, Sturdy, Unnatural Toughness x2, Make it Work
Armor: Best Quality Looted Armor, Best Quality ’Eavy Armor, Best Quality ’Ard Hats, Best Quality Squighide, Best Quality Iron Gobs (Body 6, Head 8, Arms 4, Legs 5)
Shoota (Basic, 60m, S/3/10, 1d10+4 I, Pen 0, Clip 30, Reload Full, Inaccurate)
Chainaxe (Melee, 1d10+9 R, Pen 2, Tearing)
Ophilian Autogun (Basic, 90m, S/3/10, 1d10+3 I, Pen 2, Clip 30, Reload Full)
Ophilian Flamer (Basic, 20m, S/-/-, 1d10+4 E, Pen 2, Clip 2, Reload Full, Flame, Adjustable Nozzle)
Best Quality Big Choppa with Spikey Bitz and Sparky Knobz (Melee, 2d10+8 R, Pen 2, Tearing, Unbalanced, Shocking, +5 Attack)
Field: Conversion Field (50)

Carnelia’s Battle Servitors

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
40 40 1050 1050 30 30 40 50

Speed: 3/6/9/18 10m/200cm
Wounds: 17
Skills: Awareness
Talents: Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic), Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee), Heavy Weapon Training (Heavy Bolter), Melee Weapon Training (Chain)
Traits: Auto-Stabilized, Darksight, Flyer 2 (Null Gravity Only), Machine 6, Natural Weapon (Servo-Fists), Strudy, Unnatural Strength x2, Unnatural Toughness x2
Armor: Machine (6 All)
Servo-fist (Melee, 1d5+10 R, Pen 0, Primitive)
Chainaxe (Melee, 1d10+14 R, Pen 2, Tearing)
Heavy Bolter (Basic, 120m, //10, 2d10+2 X, Pen 5, Clip 60, Reload Full, Tearing)
Gear: Colchite Servo Implant

Zephyr Armsmen

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