The Dragon Song

The Dragon Song

Hull: Transport
Class: Orion Starclipper
Dimensions: 3 km long, 0.4 km abeam
Mass: 8 megatons
Crew: 14000
Acceleration: 5.4G maximum sustainable

The Dragon Song was originally constructed by a radical faction of the Calixis Sector Adeptus Mechanicus in 480.M41 incorporating the discovered remains of a necron jackal-class raider, incorporating some living metal into the ship’s structure and a partially functional Inertialess Drive. Sixty-five years later in 545.M41, the Dragon Song was captured by a group of void pirates operating in the Koronus Expanse, and thusly became a pirate vessel. The voidship remained in pirate hands for the next 269 years, until captured in 814.M41 by the Imperial Navy light cruiser Hand of Terra under the direction of Inquisitor Mallear. Two years later, Inquisitor Mallear gave ownership of the ship to the recently appointed Rogue Trader Shandra Zephyr, on the condition that she have the xenos technology studied safely outside the Imperium’s borders in the Koronus Expanse; to never bring the Dragon Song any further into the Calixis Sector than Port Wander on pain of death.

Speed: 11
Maneuverability: +28
Detection: +10
Armor: 12
Void Shields: 2
Hull Integrity: 35
Space: 40 (Used: 38)
Power: 41 (Used: 45)
Turret Rating: 1
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, Keel 1
SP Total Cost: 56
Crew: 100/100
Morale: 129/129
Crew Rating: 40

Essential Components

Best Quality Lathe-Pattern 2a Drive, Good Quality Miloslav G-616.b Warp Engine*, Geller Field, Single Void Shield Array, Combat Bridge**, Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, Voidsmen Quarters, Mark-100 Auger Array

*Warp travel takes half as long, but warp encounters occur every 3 days of warp travel instead of every 5.

**Tech-Use Tests to repair the ship gain +10

Supplemental Components

Main Cargo Hold (+12 bonus on commerce tests negotiated on or involving the vessel.)

Salvaged Inertialess Drive (An extended action can be used to activate this component, doubling the number of extra void units per round granted by the Adjust Speed and Adjust Speed and Bearing actions to a maximum of triple the ship’s normal speed. Once used, this component requires two rounds to recharge before it can be used again, and the flank speed extended action cannot be used in conjunction with it.)

Best Quality Sunsear Laser Battery (Macrobattery, Keel, Strength 4, Crit Rating 4, Damage 1d10+3, Range 10, +5 Attack)

Best Quality Sunsear Laser Battery (Macrobattery, Dorsal, Strength 4, Crit Rating 3, Damage 1d10+3, Range 10, +5 Attack)

Good Quality Warp Sextant (+20 on Awareness and Navigation (Warp) tests to steer the vessel through the Warp)

Good Quality Librarium Vault (+10 on Investigation tests)

Best Quality Temple-Shrine to the God Emperor (+10 bonus on interaction tests with the Ecclesiarchy on or involving the vessel.)

Best Quality Murder-servitors (+20 on Hit and Run Actions, and when inflicting a critical hit with such an action, the player may select any result between 1 and 6 instead of rolling)

Best Quality Teleportarium (Hit and Runs do not require Piloting tests, +20 and Hit and Run attacks)

Best Quality Cogitator Interlink

Best Quality Medicae Deck (+20 to Medicae checks within the component, Triple the patients that can be treated at once)

Ship Upgrades

Best Quality Crew

Good Quality Starchart Collection (Warp travel times are reduced by 1d5+5 days)

Best Quality Turbo-Weapon Batteries (Both Sunsears, Negates range penalties for the Macrobatteries)

Best Quality Overload Shield Capacitors (Reactivate Shields once per Combat with +1 Strength)

Best Quality Resolution Arena (+10 on Commerce Tests)

Complications and Past History

Stoic*, Turbulent Past** (Favored by the Adeptus Mechanicus, Reviled by the Eldar), Reaver of the Unbeholden Reaches#

*When one of the ship’s components is damaged or unpowered, roll 1d10. On a 7+, ignore the result

**+20 on interaction tests with the Adeptus Mechanicus, -20 on interaction tests the Eldar

#Long term repairs fix 1d10+5 damage instead of 1d5. +10 on Silent Running Maneuvers. -10 on all Interaction tests.

The Dragon Song

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