Sword of Tallarn

The Sword of Tallarn

Sword of tallarn

Hull: Frigate
Class: Falchion
Dimensions: 2.2 km long, 0.3 km abeam
Mass: 6.5 megatons
Crew: 27000
Acceleration: 4.6G maximum sustainable

Commissioned for the Battlefleet Forsarr of the Segmentum Tempestus and constructed in orbit of the Forge World Voss Prime, the Sword of Tallarn launched on its maiden voyage to Forsarr on 393.M41. The Sword of Tallarn failed to arrive at Forsarr, and was declared lost fifty years later in 443.M41. The ship was rediscovered in 819.M41 by Rogue Trader Shandra Zephyr in the Koronus Expanse as part of a Stryxis Xebec. What had happened to it in the meantime or how it ended up on the other side of the galaxy is unknown. Rogue Trader Zephyr acquired the vessel from the Xenos, and has since refitted it and put it to service in the Zephyr Dynasty.

Speed: 8
Maneuverability: +15
Detection: +14
Armor: 19
Void Shields: 1
Hull Integrity: 36
Space: 34 (Used: 30)
Power: 45 (Used: 35)
Turret Rating: 1
Weapon Capacity: Prow 1, Dorsal 2
SP Total Cost: 56
Crew: 100/100
Morale: 115/115
Crew Rating: 35

Essential Components

Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive, Good Quality Miloslav G-616.b Warp Engine*, Geller Field, Good Quality Single Void Shield Array, Combat Bridge**, Best Quality Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, Best Quality Voidman’s Quarters, Mark-100 Auger Array

*Warp travel takes half as long, but warp encounters occur every 3 days of warp travel instead of every 5.

**Tech-Use Tests to repair the ship gain +10

Supplemental Components

Voss Pattern Torpedo Tubes (Torpedo Tube, Prow, Strength 2, 10 Seeking Melta Torpedoes (Speed 10, Damage 2d10+15, Crit Rating 9+, Range 60, Terminal Penetration 4, Torpedo Rating +30))

2 Best Quality Sunsear Laser Batteries (Macrobattery, Dorsal, Strength 4, Crit Rating 3, Damage 1d10+3, Range 9)

Good Quality Armor Plating

Ship Upgrades

Best Quality Crew

Complications and Past History

Stoic*, Emissary of the Imperator**

*When one of the ship’s components is damaged or unpowered, roll 1d10. On a 7+, ignore the result

**+15 to all Intimidate tests, All other interaction skills -5

Sword of Tallarn

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