Greni Pathfinder

The Greni Pathfinder

Hull: Grand Cruiser
Class: Exorcist-Class Grand Cruiser
Dimensions: 7.3 km long, 1.1 km abeam
Mass: 37 megatons
Crew: 112,000 Servitors
Acceleration: 1.99G maximum sustainable

An ancient vessel nearly nine millenia old, and lost for nearly six centuries, many of the records pertaining to it have long crumbled to dust or reduced to nonsense by copying errors. It is known that this ship was purchased by the then small and now dead Greni navigator house, for the purposes of exploration and warp route charting deep in the Koronus Expanse. Upon an expedition doing so, the ship was lost and with their risky investment a total loss, the Greni’s unrecoverable decline began. In 828.M41 however, the ship was found by the Zephyr Dynasty.

Speed: 5
Maneuverability: +17
Detection: +9
Armor: 21
Void Shields: 3
Hull Integrity: 81
Space: 80 (Used: 62)
Power: 95 (Used: 70)
Turret Rating: 3
Weapon Capacity: Port 3, Starboard 3
SP Total Cost: 93
Crew: 100/100
Morale: 100/100
Crew Rating: 40

Essential Components

Saturine Pattern Class 5 Drive, Strelov 2 Warp Engine, Geller Field, Triple Void Shield Array, Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer, Mark-100 Auger Array

Cold Quarters (Once per game session, the ship’s captain may choose to reduce one source of Crew Population loss to zero)

Exploration Bridge (This ship gains +5 Detection when using Active Augury)

Supplemental Components

2 Jovian-Pattern Landing Bays (Port/Starboard, Strength 2, Each has 1 squadron each of fighters, bombers, and assault craft)

4 Best Quality Ryza Pattern Plasma Batteries (Port/Starboard, Strength 4, Damage 1d10+6, Crit Rating 4, Range 6, When this weapon rolls a 1 or 2 on a crit table it affects 2 components)

Best Quality Munitorium (If this component is damaged the ship takes 2d5 damage and one component is set on fire, +2 bonus on interaction tests with the military on or involving the vessel)

Ship Upgrades

Best Quality Servitor Crew (-10 on Ballistic Skill and Command Tests, Ship cannot initiate boarding actions, morale always counts as 100, all crew loss is reduced by half, tech-use instead of medicae is used for triage extended actions)

Complications and Past History

Ancient and Wise

Wrested from a Space Hulk

Greni Pathfinder

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