The Gitstompa

Hull: Light Cruiser
Class: Lathe-Class Monitor-Cruiser
Dimensions: 4.2 km long, 0.5 km abeam
Mass: 20.9 megatons
Crew: 60,000 Servitors
Acceleration: 6G maximum sustainable

Originally named the “Spiritus Mechanicus Santus,” the Gitstompa was formerly an explorator vessel captured and stripped bare by the boyz of Morgaash Kulgraz, and given to the mekboy Enginseer Prime Garhed to refit. The ship was later acquired three decades later by the Zephyr Dynasty from the Undred Undred Teef world of Vorgrat, along with Garhed, and given to the command of the freebooter mercenary Gorukk, who renamed it the “Gitstompa

Speed: 5
Maneuverability: +10
Detection: +23
Armor: 21, 27 Prow
Void Shields: 2
Hull Integrity: 63
Space: 60 (Used: 60)
Power: 66 (Used: 45)
Turret Rating: 1
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, Prow 1, Port 1, Starboard 1
SP Total Cost: 128
Crew: 100/100
Morale: 100/100
Crew Rating: 40

Essential Components

Markov 2 Warp Engine (Reduce the base travel time for a journey through the Immaterium by 1d10 days)

Best Quality Flight Command Bridge (As long as the bridge remains undamaged, all Command Tests dealing with attack craft gain +5, and tests to ready new squadrons are automatically passed)

Best Quality X-470 Ultimo Array (+15 to detect vessels on Silent Running when using Active Augury, Enemy ships gain +5 BS hitting this ship)

Best Quality Jovian-Pattern Class 4.5 “Warcruiser” Drive

Best Quality Cold Quarters (Once per game session, the ship’s captain may choose to reduce one source of Crew Population loss to zero)

Best Quality Clemancy-Pattern Life Sustainer (This starship reduces Crew Population and Morale losses due to Depressurization by 4, to a minimum of 0)

Best Quality Warpsbane Hull (+10 Navigation (Warp), Roll twice for warp encounters and navigator chooses.)

Best Quality Repulsor Shield Array (The ship does not suffer penalties to Manoeuvre Actions when travelling through nebulas, ice rings, plasma clouds or other celestial phenomena consisting primarily of small particles)

Supplemental Components

2 Best Quality Lathe-Pattern Landing Bays (Port/Starboard, Strength 2, Each has 1 squadron each of fighters, bombers, and assault craft)

Best Quality Jovian-pattern Nova Cannon (Prow, Damage 2d5+7, Range 6-35, Target loses 1d5 morale, always revealed by a scan, if damage he ship takes 1d10 damage and the component is destroyed, 20 vortex shells)

Best Quality Dark Cannon (Dorsal, Strength 3, Damage 1d10+2, Crit Rating 6, Range 7, ships hit take -15 Ballistic Skill for 1 round)

Grav Repulsors (-1 damage from asteroids space debris torpedoes bomber attacks being rammed per every point of Power allocated, maximum of 3, with torpedoes this applies to each torpedo individually with all other damage sources this applies to the combined damage source, External)

Best Quality Power Ram (External, +1d10 damage when ramming)

Best Quality Murder-Servitors (+20 offensively on hit and run command tests, user of the ship may select which critical result the hit and run inflicts.)

Best Quality Armored Prow (+1d10 damage when ramming, ship cannot have prow macrobatteries or lances)

Best Quality Crew Reclamation Facility (Reduce all population losses by three to a minimum of 1. Increase all morale losses by 1.)

Best Quality Teleportarium (Hit and Runs do not require Piloting tests, +20 and Hit and Run attacks)

Best Quality Armor Plating

Best Quality Reinforced Prow (+1d5 damage when ramming)

Best Quality Manufactorum (f attempting extended repairs, each manufactorum adds a +10 bonus to the weekly Tech-Use Test. If paying for repairs, each Manufactorum adds a +10 bonus to the Acquisition Test to restore Hull Integrity, +10 bonus on trade test on this ship.)

Best Quality Small Craft Repair Deck (After any starship combat in which fighters, assault boats, or bombers are lost, a character may immediately make a Difficult (–10) Tech Use Test. For every degree of success on the test, two of these craft are recovered.)

Ship Upgrades

Best Quality Servitor Crew (-10 on Ballistic Skill and Command Tests, Ship cannot initiate boarding actions, morale always counts as 100, all crew loss is reduced by half, tech-use instead of medicae is used for triage extended actions)

Best Quality Overload Shield Capacitors (Reactivate Shields once per Combat with +1 Strength)

Complications and Past History

Martial Hubris*, Xenophilous

*+5 on Ballistic Skill tests to fire the Gitstompa’s weapons, -15 on any Pilot (Spacecraft) tests to escape combat.


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